New Year's Day Hitchcock Marathon + Handbags

It was a real treat for me to catch the New Year's Day Alfred Hitchcock film marathon.  It certainly made dealing with the tail-end of my holiday flu a little easier. Ick!  So, with a box of tissue and hot tea, I settled in for viewing Rear WindowThe Birds and Vertigo. And I'm still trying to figure out why Vertigo makes me so uncomfortable! 

Anyway, I don't know how old I was when I first saw Rear Window but the scene in which layers of Grace Kelly's silk negligee tumbled out of her Mark Cross Overnight Case forever remained in my memory.  It was the most sophisticated, sexy thing I had ever seen!  Yesterday, I found myself looking forward to that scene as soon as the movie started. I mean, how cool was she? Mark Cross still makes a replica of this iconic bag. 


Mark Cross Overnight Case Rear Window Replica

Now that I've discovered the art of making leather goods, I appreciate this well-crafted, functional, yet beautiful accessory more than ever. And with that, I resolve in 2017 to continue learning and honing my craft. This won't be a hard resolution to keep because I absolutely love leatherwork. Although 2016 was a mess in so many ways (Prince, Bowie - still not over it), from a personal perspective it was the year I found my passion and I was bursting with happiness (almost) every day!  I'm humbled by my good fortune. I want to shout out to Sara and the team at the Chicago School of Shoemaking and Sean at Fine Leatherworking for all that I've learned and continue to learn from them. Plus they are really nice people! 

Wishing everyone much happiness and success in 2017! 


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