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New Year's Day Hitchcock Marathon + Handbags

It was a real treat for me to catch the New Year's Day Alfred Hitchcock film marathon.  It certainly made dealing with the tail-end of my holiday flu a little easier. Ick!  So, with a box of tissue and hot tea, I settled in for viewing Rear Window, The Birds and Vertigo. And I'm still trying to figure out why Vertigo makes me so uncomfortable!  Anyway, I don't know how old I was when I first saw Rear Window but the scene in which layers of Grace Kelly's silk negligee tumbled out of her Mark Cross Overnight Case forever remained in my memory.  It was the most sophisticated, sexy thing I had ever seen!  Yesterday, I found myself looking forward to that scene as soon as the movie...

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Kate's birthday surprise cross body!

Kate's husband, Tim, was on a secret mission to surprise Kate with a Drame´ bag while she was in Chicago for a wedding and celebrating her birthday. We almost made it until Kate caught him texting me!! We still had fun catching up over margaritas at Adobo Grill and Kate sported her cross body bag at the Cubs game that night. Here she is, looking pretty at the game! 

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Stephanie's Custom Clutch Bag!

This is one good-looking family, although we're missing one - where's Justin?? Anywhoo, Stephanie is beautiful and I'm so proud that she is carrying this custom clutch bag. What you can't see is that she has a matching ear bud holder inside, fabricated from black hair-on-hide with black leather backing. Cute!   

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